1. On Nov 11 2021, Paulb said:

    Big fans here Joe cant get tickets to see my heroes here in ireland tried ordering from ticket master but they tried selling tickets that put us literally outside the venue man anyway your biggest fans here love and peace Paul and Regina ireland shine on Eagles.

  2. On Sep 10 2021, AK_Dan said:

    Joe, Please come to Alaska......While we may not have a lot of people, we show our appreciation like we have millions! Alaskans would love to see you in our state, and show you the true last frontier!

  3. On Aug 8 2021, Kevin Lapage said:

    joined to send a hey out to my aa brother , i am a partially disabled vet and wanted to know if the show in omaha ,ne is still on ? cant afford the tickets for my wife and i but maybe someday ,had enough to join to show my support for joe,the band and joes journey the last 27 years,i am on year 17 of aa one day at a time ! love ya joe kevin and tanya eagle,nebraska

  4. On Jun 8 2021, Jody Lyons said:

    Your so cool give me tickets for colorado just want to see you